A thousand years ago, Buddhist ‘Shohojia’ group worded and chanted their thoughts through poetry and music. They were one of those naturalist religious groups in that ancient civilization, who discovered their religion through nature and everyday life struggle. “It was natural,beautiful and simple”. Bangla poetry-book ‘Charyageeti’ that had lived through ages, appears with their high altitude of gravity, thoughts and creativity. In 2009, members of Shohojia band started their journey with the nick ‘Shohojia’. Music and words were the ways to express their thoughts and beliefs. May be Shohojia band people are writing and chanting their prayer on the same bank of the same river where our previous Buddhist Shohojia had stayed.


After starting as a band in 2009, Shohojia released their debut album ‘Rongmistree’ on November 2013.At this moment, Shohojia band is performing in domestic regions of Bangladesh. They appeared on few broadcasting medias such as radio and television lives. These days , Shohojia is focusing on it’s stage performance and is preparing for the upcoming albums.

Band Line Up

Bass: Zafriye. Drums: Rabbi. Guitar: Shimul, Sajib. Lyrics & Vocal: Raju.